Our Coops

Our mission is to create great, sustainable homes and life experiences for people living with disability, by connecting families and communities.

White Street Co-op Ltd

White St Co-op was formed in Lilyfield to provide two good friends and women with Downs Syndrome, the care, support and happy home to thrive and live an enriched life full of connections to family, friends and the community. We listen and honour their needs and desires and value the creative contribution offered by a wonderful support team.

Very Good Days Co-op Ltd

The purpose of Very Good Days Cooperative is to provide our family member with an enriching living environment that promotes his health, happiness, independence and personal growth by creating a caring and diligent community centered around him.

The Hive Co-op Ltd

The Hive supports three young men, with autism who live in a house at Ryde in Sydney. (The Hive) is a charity established in December 2016 by two families with the aim to set up a family run group home.

Star Mates Manor Co-op Ltd

StarMates Manor was established in November 2022 to run a supported home for 2 young adults who are best friends. The house is located in Epping, and the 2 residents lead busy, fulfilling lives which include work, day programs, sport (lots of sport), social activities and relaxing at their home. The aim is to provide enough support to enable both residents to achieve their goals while striving for as much independence as possible.

Railway House

Railway House is located in Springwood in the lower Blue Mountains. It is home to two happy young men living with intellectual disabilities. They are waiting for a third man to join them. Each man lives a busy life, which is a mixture of work, sport, community and social events, and time with their families. Railway House is a place of safety, nurture, fun and growth. We have a team of carers who are enthusiastic, kind and generous-reflecting and modelling exactly who we want our young men to be.

PaRa Co-op Ltd (‘Parent Assisted Residential Accommodation’)

Parent Assisted Residential Accommodation (PaRA) Co-operative is a non-distributing co-operative that supports three young adults with autism who live in a house in Chatswood in Sydney. PaRA Co-operative was established in November 2010 for 3 young men, who started attending school together when Giant Steps opened in 1995 so they have been friends for over 20 years.

My House Oatlands

My House Oatlands (MHO) supports two boys with autism who live in a house at Rydalmere in Sydney. MHO was established in 2013, as a supported independent living service to accommodate three teenage boys with autism, whose three families agreed to pool their sons’ funding packages to make it financially viable to provide the service. In 2020, one of the boys moved out, and MHO continued to support 2, now, young men.

Impact House

IMPACT House Co-Operative Limited (Incorporating My Professional and Caring Team)Established in 2024, IMPACT House Co-Operative operates on the principles that people with disability have the right to live with dignity in their chosen community and to participate in all aspects...

Emet House Co-op Ltd

The mission of Emet House is to create a caring and supportive community for its residents, where: they have opportunities to develop their independent living skills and other areas of interest and potential they have opportunity for Christian faith to be supported and nurtured where all people are treated with dignity and respect where the unique personalities and talents of all members (not only residents) can be celebrated and valued.

Cherish Hub Co-op Ltd

Cherish Hub opened its doors in 2022 for 2 residents, both living with severe autism and accustomed to very nurtured family lives but now seeking a more independent, age-appropriate style of life. Cherish Hub is a place where loving and enthusiastic carers are friends and mentors to the residents, and to each other. Staff and family utilise respect, empathy and effective communication to ensure that the residents are healthy, happy, are engaged in creative and practical activities, and most importantly, reaching their full, individual potential.

Cesil House Co-op Ltd

CESIL House Co-operative Limited is a charity established in February 2018 by three families to set up an individualised, family-run home for their three daughters, all of whom have autism. Part of their mission was to build a purpose-built Special Disability Accommodation house funded by the NDIA, with completely separate robust accommodation for one of the ladies who had been assessed to live by herself, and a shared robust accommodation with plenty of individualised space for the other two ladies.

Blue Sky Hub Co-op Ltd

The household is made up of 2 young men, and Lachie the dog along with their dynamic team of Support Workers. This in turn is supported by their families who have forged this vision for the young men and their household. The two young men have a future before them full of possibility, growth, achievement and FUN! They are young men with Autism who are non-verbal, but this certainly doesn’t define them or limit their options.

Anarchy House Co-op Ltd

Anarchy House Cooperative Ltd was formed in 2019 with the aim of providing the best possible environment for three profoundly disabled young men who had been living together since 2017. Four years later, and all three boys are thriving under the care of people who continue to be committed to ensuring that they are happy, healthy, and provided with ample opportunity to explore the world in their own unique, anarchic way.

35 Trelawney Co-op Ltd

Our vision was to establish an independent living arrangement for our son who has complex needs. We sought a safe, well supported environment where the upmost is being done to ensure he remains happy, healthy and comfortable, whilst being actively involved with his family, friends, and community.