What’s involved in setting up & operating a SILC coop?

What is a cooperative?

In business, ownership and control is important. It determines who benefits from the business and its activities.

In a publicly listed company, the business is owned and controlled by investors. The purpose of a company is to make a financial return for those investors.

In a cooperative, ownership and control is shared equally among members. A cooperative’s purpose is to provide benefit back to its members.

At SILC, our members are people with disability and their families who have set up a family governed cooperative with SILC.


The SILC model explained

SILC is a cooperative and a NDIS registered provider that assists families to set up a cooperative to run a family-governed home for their family member.

We collaborate with families and individuals with disabilities to co-design and project manage the establishment of personalised housing solutions.

SILC offers ongoing centralised support to our homes, including being the employer of staff, systems, policies, and operational assistance for cooperatives to structure the desired supports in their homes.

Our established cooperatives are also part of a wider cooperative community where we all share, learn and grow together.


What's involved in setting up and operating a SILC coop?

A cooperative is a legal entity, and you will need to understand how to run it. It sounds daunting, but we are here to help.
Understand the roles and responsibilities of SILC and the Family Governed Cooperative (House Operator).
Think about the type of Board structure you would like to help you make decisions in running your home
Microboards – a group of people who care about you and will work with you to make the best decisions for you
Family Governed Board- family members who come together and represent each resident who wants to set up a home.
Work out your housing wants, needs and preferences to start your home and living design process with SILC.
Select where you are on your journey