I’m ready to explore SILC’s Coop Community

SILC’s community exists on two levels, at your home and at our Cooperative.


There is a sense of home
for you and your house mates.
You are welcomed into your home and are valued members of the household.
You have choice and opportunities to participate in everyday activities
You are encouraged and supported to develop and maintain your own personal relationships
including those of your natural families and friends.
You have your own uniqueness, gifts and experiences
which you bring to your house hold community.


You are also connected to SILC’s Cooperative Community, which is a broader group of cooperatives who have established houses with SILC. 

Through the SILC Cooperative Community, we empower people with disability and their families to establish their own family governed homes by:

Providing guidance
We provide our members with the personnel support, tools, resources and systems that they need, to help them to have agency to run their cooperative and their home.
Education Training and Information
We hold cooperative forums, and bring our members together to share learning and to help you to develop the skills needed to run your home.
Creating and Connecting a welcoming and intentional community
We create an intentional community with our cooperatives, to promote inclusion and employment opportunities for our residents, to create a natural safeguard for our residents and to foster ways where our cooperatives can support each other.
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