Our Story

SILC was established in September, 2016, as a hub to support families to develop their own independent housing models under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Who is SILC?

At SILC, we believe that people with disability with their families, are in the best position to make decisions about where they live, who they live with, and who supports them. We believe that great outcomes are achieved when families are actively involved in the person’s life.

SILC is a cooperative and a NDIS registered provider. We assist families to set up a cooperative to run a family governed home for their family member. Our experience is that people with disability who have a network of informal supports (family and friends), who have the desire and belief that self directing will provide the choice and control they are seeking, are best placed to succeed in this model.


What support does SILC provide to our member co-ops?

SILC provides a centralised service to our cooperatives (which are operated by families for people with disability). We provide the systems, policies and dedicated operations support to assist our cooperatives to structure the supports they would like for their family member, in their homes. As a NDIS registered service provider, our families can be assured that our centralised service support, is meeting the required quality standards.

We will work with families and people with disability to co-design the home and living solution which is right for them. This includes working with families and people with disability to understand their housing preferences, support to establish their cooperative, and project management support to establishing a family governed home.

Our established cooperatives are a part of a wider cooperative community. We offer opportunities to connect our cooperative community to learn and grown together.

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How SILC compares

Traditional Service Provider
Start with the services
Start with getting to know the person and building their life vision
Organisational systems and structure lead service deliver
The person with a disability and their families build capacity and skills to lead day to day support. The group of workers build capacity to self-organise and deliver support specific to the needs and vision of the person they are supporting
Organisation professionals "know best"
The person and their family hold the expertise and wisdom around support needs
Offer a menu of services
Build the support around the person's specific needs, embracing and contributing to the person's life vision
Have a pool of support workers
Build the capacity of the person/family to identity best fit and recruit workers to meet individual needs
Build dependency
Create independence through building capacity and confidence
Provide services to hold the status quo
Deliver services that build competencies, valued roles and community inclusion
The future is driven by life's crises
The future is safeguarded through building and sustaining informal and freely given relationships