Monster Deliveries


Hi. I am William. I  love to draw monsters, shop and cook. I have autism and I am non-verbal. This is my start-up business. My mates Ben and Will R have now joined the business. Lochie and Tim from Days Like This have helped make this happen. This business is not about me, it’s about creating something that others can do with me and enjoy as well.

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Every Tuesday we shop for the ingredients with the support crew from Days Like This.  We  do a very quick workout at the local PCYC then head to the kitchen to begin preparing the packages.

Our recipes are unique because they arrive with a full set of visual instructions. This makes the recipes suitable for our friends that are visual learners, adults in supported accommodation looking to improve their independence in the kitchen, and children who like to take charge in the kitchen.

Wednesday is delivery day for Will H and Will R. We get to drive across Sydney with our support crew from Days Like This. We love greeting people at the door if they are at home. We are learning not to bolt through houses because each house is so different and interesting.

On Thursdays Ben will dance your delivery to the door before he hits the surf.