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Our mission is to create great, sustainable homes and life experiences for people living with disabilities, by connecting families and communities.

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Supporting Independent Living Co-operative (SILC) was established in September, 2016, as a hub to support families to develop their own independent housing models under the NDIS.

Our aim is simple: To create great sustainable homes and life experiences for people living with disabilities, by connecting families and communities.

Our aim is simple: To create great sustainable homes and life experiences for people living with disabilities, by connecting families and communities.


How SILC came about.

PaRA was formed as a family-governed home for three young men with autism.
PaRA became registered as a co-operative - with the families, housemates and workers active members and decision-makers.
PaRA became an approved provider in NSW - achieved third party verification under the NSW Disability Services Standards.
2015 - 2016
Three more family-governed homes were formed as ‘spin-offs’ from the learnings of PaRA.
March 2016
Key partners and family members got together and decided to form a new organisation (SILC), that could take the success of the family-governed models to lots more families and people with disabilities.
September 2016
SILC was formed as a legal entity with registration as a non-distributing co-operative.
October 2016
• Startup funding received under the Sector Development Fund.
• SILC’s inaugural CEO was appointed.

SILC acts as a hub

SILC connects NDIS participants, families and carers to establish their own family-governed homes for people with a disability.

SILC does this by:


Hosting forums where members can share knowledge, ideas and resources.


Providing information through the SILC website.

providing guidance

Guiding families through the establishment and operation of family-governed homes for NDIS participants.


Referring to other organisations that can assist, for example, housing co-operatives.


Advocating on behalf of the SILC community about issues that affect you, for example, housing under the NDIS.


Sharing information, resources and experiences allows you to help and to be helped by other families in the spirit of mutuality.
individual members
Individual members of SILC are people who are interested in using NDIS funding to set up a household for themselves or for someone they care for.
Corporate members
PaRA Co-operative
My House Oatlands Company Ltd
Living My Way
TK Assisted Living
silc member
SILC corporate member
relationship between SILC and its members

financial breakdown

How we are funded

Current state:

SILC received a startup grant through the Department of Social Services's Sector Development Fund (SDF). The department recognised the important value that SILC could offer in supporting individuals and their families to set up their own family-governed models under the NDIS. You can read more about the SDF here

Future state:

From mid-2017, SILC will receive funding from two main sources; membership fees for individuals and corporate members, and, charging for services or supports. We are currently designing our membership fee structure and what items we’ll charge for under the NDIS.

(If income > expenses)
Reinvested into SILC for the benefit of, and to provide value for, SILC’s members
Income (2016)
Government startup grant

Professional services provided pro bono
Income (2017 onwards)
Individual membership fees

Corporate membership fees

Fees for services provided
Employee salaries


Service provision
direction flow

Our people

The SILC team

Our backgrounds and vision for SILC.

Gloria Boyle

Coordinator of Membership Supports

Gloria Boyle joined SILC in September 2017 as the Coordinator of Membership Supports. Gloria has held a number of positions supporting individuals with a disability and their families. This includes working as a Residential Support Worker in group homes, as a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) helping NDIS Participants transition onto the Scheme and as a Facilitator running workshops to prepare and empower people for the NDIS.


Gloria has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Sociology. She has always known that she wanted to spend her life helping others.


Gloria is passionate about ensuring people with disabilities have choice and control over their lives, and ultimately have the same opportunities as everyone else. The NDIS is about being innovative and creative and SILC really captures the essence of this. Gloria believes that we’re moving away from the attitude of what is available for people with disabilities to what does each individual want for their life and what works for them? Through SILC, Gloria hopes to support people to realise this new world.   

Faen Burrows

manager, Sydney Operations

Faen Burrows (pronounced Fawn) joined SILC in February 2017 as the Head of Sydney Operations. Her first exposure to the human services sector was in 2006 when she took a GAP year and worked as a personal carer and teacher’s aid for students with disability at the National Star College in London. Since this time, Faen has worked in various roles including case management and service delivery for Ageing, Disability and Home Care (NSW Government). More recently, she has been working with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) assisting with planning for the NSW NDIS transition and supporting NDIA Local Area Coordinator Partners in NSW. 

Faen holds a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management (2011) and Masters in Health Services Management (2014) from the University of Technology, Sydney. 

She is especially passionate about the NDIS and is driven to ensure the Scheme is equitable for everyone and above all, sustainable. Through SILC, Faen hopes to break through barriers previously faced by people with disability and their families and aims to support them to find housing they are happy with and that meets their needs.


SILC is a co-operative and governed by a board.

Kate Hurley

Director & Treasurer

Kate is the treasurer of three not-for-profit organisations aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Kate started her career at Westpac working as an institutional derivatives dealer before going on to become a financial markets training manager. She then became a director of Partners in Finance, a firm delivering services in the financial products and risk management sector.

In 2002, Kate ceased work to concentrate full-time on her son William who was diagnosed with severe autism, navigating her family through the early intervention years.

In 2008 she commenced work again as an accountant at Hurley & Co.


  • Bachelor of Business (UTS) double major in finance and accounting (1993).
  • CPA (Certified practising accountant).

Steve Anthony


Steve is the father of Patrick, a 27-year-old man with autism. Patrick was one of the original 12 students at Giant Steps school when it opened in 1995. Steve was one of the parents who set up the school, which helps educate children and families experiencing autism, to alleviate associated stress.

Steve also helped establish PaRA Co-operative, a family-governed model for Patrick and his two housemates in Chatswood, Sydney. You can watch a clip about PaRA here.

Upon seeing the success of the PaRA model, Steve was instrumental in establishing SILC. His aim for SILC is simple – to share what he’s learned so other people with disabilities can live in a home of their choosing, in their communities surrounded by friends and family. He is energetic, approachable and brings simplicity to the most complex of problems.

Steve is an executive coach with a background in teaching and banking.

Fred Carollo


Fred is the father of 4 children, the youngest Julian, a 15 year old boy with autism. Julian currently attends Giant Steps school in Sydney.

Fred was instrumental in developing and establishing My House Oatlands(MHO) of which he is the Public Officer. MHO was established in 2013 a family-governed model that has created a’ home away from home’ for Julian and two other teenage autistic boys in Oatlands, Sydney.

Fred has worked in the building industry for over 36 years and established his own successful construction company as a builder and property developer.

His knowledge in these two areas makes Fred a valuable member of SILC. Fred is passionate to help other families create a ‘home away from home’ just like MHO that has been life changing for Julian and his family.

Kim Knoblauch


Kim has a wealth of academic experience including;

· Bachelor of Business Health Administration (University of Technology. QLD),

· Graduate Diploma Applied Science Nursing Education, and

· Registered Nurse (Psychiatry & Emergency Med. Major).

Kim is also a registered Midwife and has worked in acute private and public hospitals, Justice Health Community and Aged Care sectors since 1980 including CEO of a number of private hospitals for 12 years 1991 - 2002 in QLD and Sydney’s North Shore. 

From 2002 - 2010 Kim held the position of Group Risk/Clinical Risk Manager of Ramsay Health Care Australia and Indonesia and later from 2010 - 2014 as the National Clinical Risk Manager Calvary Healthcare Australia. Since 2015 Kim has been the Operations Manager at North Sydney Retirement Trust ta. James Milson Village.


SILC has formed relationships with key partners across a diverse range of sectors.

Our partners comprise of parents of people with a disability, co-operatives, legal and accounting - helping SILC to reach out into our communities and provide expertise to create great homes for people with disabilities under the NDIS.

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Our purpose is to create great homes and life experiences for people with disabilities.

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