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The Supporting Independent Living Co-operative (SILC) was established in September, 2016, as a hub to support families to develop their own independent housing models under the NDIS.


Find out how you can become part of the SILC community.


In August, 2016, SILC started hosting monthly forums in Sydney to listen to the needs of individuals and their families who wanted to create homes under the NDIS, but didn’t know where to start. Every month we cover new topics including:

  • NDIS funding for accommodation supports
  • Housing models
  • How to connect with other families under the NDIS


We’ve built this website as a platform to provide information and resources about family-governed homes under the NDIS. 


Develop valuable networks
Sharing information, resources and experiences allows you to help and to be helped by other families in the spirit of mutuality.

Membership forms

Individual & Corporate Membership
Fill out the Application form, Confidentiality & Disclosure forms. Download forms here


Be an active member of SILC

Read our Rules, our Constitution, to find out more about SILC and active membership of this co-operative. Read here

individual members
Individual members of SILC are people who are interested in using NDIS funding to set up a household for themselves or for someone they care for.
Corporate members
PaRA Co-operative
My House Oatlands Company Ltd
Living My Way
TK Assisted Living
silc member
SILC corporate member
relationship between SILC and its members

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Our purpose is to create great homes and life experiences for people with disability.

Our focus at the moment is Sydney (NSW). If you live outside this area, fill out the General Inquiry form opposite and we'll get in touch with you.

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