Jia Home’s motto: Everyone can learn!

Jia in Chinese means “Home 家“, it currently provides 24 hours care and accommodation for 2 adults with special needs. 

Jia Home endeavour to provide a person centred approach whereby it ensures that someone with a disability is at the centre of decisions which relate to their life.  As a team we strive for improving the quality of their daily life and wellbeing, working around the challenges of their disabilities.

Alan is a very happy,  social & outgoing adult. Regardless of his epilepsy, intellectual disability & mobility challenges.  He is hopeful and optimistic towards life with simple pleasures of ordering his coffee and going on accompanied walks in the park sharing a laugh.

Carmen is very energetic and musical, she loves singing, dancing, making crafts and shopping like other girls. Diagnosed with autism, Carmen has limited spoken language however is able to sing many songs in Chinese and English.   

Jia Home believes, “everyone can learn”, because learning is growing and regardless of ability or disability, we all are presented the opportunity to discover either something new or old each day.  This includes Alan, Carmen, families, carers and the whole Jia Home team.